A New Day for The Ultimate Guide to Renovation

Jane Slack-SmithWelcome to the BRAND NEW Ultimate Guide to Renovation website!

We are setting out to make this website the most valuable resource for free information on renovating for profit found anywhere on the web.
I’ll be sharing my personal experiences and hard-earned knowledge so that you can confidently turn your blood, sweat and tears into a wealth-building system that is repeatable and sustainable.                                   

What’s coming up?

Tips, tips, and even more tips! Coming up on the Ultimate Guide to Renovation blog, we will be giving away property investment tips, from how to select the right suburb for investing to finding tactical ways of spending a little bit of cash while adding equity to a property.

20 Essential Renovating For Profit Tips

eBook Giveaway

The fun and excitement doesn’t stop just yet! To celebrate the launch of our new website, we are giving away a free eBook.

The book is titled: 20 Essential Renovating-for-Profit TipsHow a Small Budget Renovation Can Return a Big Profit. This free eBook includes tips to give your property the right curb appeal, landscaping ideas, and advice on how to easily add real value to a property fast. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of what you should be expecting in the upcoming months… DOWNLOAD HERE

When is the next The Ultimate Guide to Renovation program?
Well, it’s a question I am getting a lot. We know some of you can’t wait, but let me tell you it’s not too long now until we open enrolments again for the next The Ultimate Guide to Renovation course.
We’ve also been receiving tremendous feedback from everyone involved in our last TUGTR course, and we are truly thankful for it.

What’s happening at the moment?
Too much to mention in one blog post, that’s for sure!
The amazing success stories within the The Ultimate Guide to Renovation keep coming in.

RussellFor instance, one of our current students, Russell, recently completed his first renovation project in Melbourne. He renovated his first property, spending just $8,000. Once the project was finished and the dust has settled, Russell had the property re-valued. To his surprise, it had gone up by $70,000! That’s right – I didn’t misplace a zero in that sentence. Russell managed to achieve an amazing return from his first-ever property investment of $8 for every single dollar he spent!!!

What’s great is that other students within the Ultimate Guide to Renovation now have projects underway and are on their path to property success. We are extremely proud of every one of them for putting what they have learned into action.

More updates on this and other amazing stories in the coming weeks.

Bookmark this page and stay tuned for more exiting updates.

Speak soon,


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