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Why You'll Love
This Course

This course is a true property investor and renovators dream. Step-by-step, task-by-task Jane concisely shares her proven renovation strategies all designed to have you confidently selecting and purchasing your perfect property, renovating to add value and, finally, turning your blood sweat and tears into a money making machine you can repeat as often as you’d like.

Many share the dream of buying and flipping properties at a profit but plenty simply don’t have the right knowledge or tools. Ultimately their dream becomes a money pit that sucks up their profits with every passing day. If you plan on holding your property then throwing a lick of paint on the walls and hoping the returns come rolling in. well, it’s simply not enough in today’s renovation game. If you arm yourself with the comprehensive knowledge contained in this course you’ll have all the tools you need to renovate with absolute confidence. That’s just a few of the reasons you’ll love this course.

What You Get
Out of This Course

This course offers the ultimate blueprint to guide you through the process and arm you with up-to-date knowledge that you can repeat as often as you’d like. You'll begin to cultivate a renovator’s mindset. You'll learn all the tips and tricks to avoid failure, while you develop your very own method for renovating and building a personal portfolio that can set you up for life.

The Course Structure

the Property

  • 1

    Module 1

    Goals & Strategy

  • 2

    Module 2

    Suburb Selection

  • 3

    Module 3

    Suburb Due Dilligence

  • 4

    Module 4

    The Right Property for Renovation

  • 5

    Module 5

    The Cost Of Your Renovation & Getting Your Loan Approved

  • 6

    Module 6

    Offers, Negotiations & Auctions

the Property

  • 7

    Module 7

    Managing a Budget Schedule and Tradespeople

  • 8

    Module 8

    Adding Bang for Your Buck

  • 9

    Module 9

    Structural Renovations

  • 10

    Module 10

    Common Reno Mistakes plus Tips & Tricks

  • 11

    Module 11

    Accesing the Equity Sell or Hold

  • 12

    Module 12

    Review and Improve

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Who is Jane Slack-Smith?

bookYou may have seen my book Your Property Success with Renovation, 2 properties, 1 renovation, $1 million in the bank. I wrote the book to show people how buying the right property in the right place and using renovation could empower them to achieve their goals.

The feedback was phenomenal but some people needed to know more – more on things like: how to renovate, actual renovation costings, task & timeframes and how to avoid costly mistakes.

So I got to work…

After extensive testing and feedback I am finally ready to launch the most comprehensive, affordable renovation course on the market right now. I’m so excited to be sharing my renovation for profit strategy that has been so successful for me.

It’s a 12 part video course jammed packed with absolutely everything you need to know to successfully embark upon and complete a renovation for profit.

If you’re interested in renovating for profit but are dissatisfied with the expensive courses & seminars on the market, my online renovation course is an up-to-date renovation strategy proven to work in todays market.

And unlike other courses, my renovation course covers the complete renovation process in easy to understand online video tutorials, from start to finish.

Best regards,

Jane Slack Smith


This renovation strategy has literally been worth millions of dollars to me and has also changed the lives of some of my closest friends and family who have also applied it. I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you too.

"It is simple, clear and concise..."

LOVE this course as it takes you from the very beginning. If you have no knowledge at all, you can complete this course and wouldn't go to far wrong. It is simple, clear and concise in its delivery. And the endless tips on assessing a house… I can't recommend that enough. This is the complete course for me and I’ll be referring to it every property purchase I make.

- Cathy Charles

"TUGTR takes you through from go to woah!"

It has great case studies to take you through the whole renovation. From what to look for during house inspections through to finding the traps and what to look out for. It takes you through all the do's and don’ts of the process.

- Craig Trethewey

"Now I can confidently do it myself..."

This is an excellent course not only for beginners, but also for people who already have experience. The biggest learning curve for me was the research and due diligence. Through the books I have read and my own research I had a little knowledge here and there but nowhere near enough to develop the confidence to do this myself. Now I can confidently do it myself, do parts of it myself or apply due diligence to any experts I may engage to do this on my behalf.

- Dylan Salotti

"The course content is presented in a practical and understandable way..."

This course is highly informative and practical in teaching the process of renovating for profit. The use of online videos make it a really easy and flexible way to learn. It is definitely easier than having to read a book or travel to a workshop, and the course content is presented in a practical and understandable way that is applicable to both complete novices and more experience property investors.

- Nicole Slade

"I feel so much more confident as an investor now..."

I truly believe it will bring my goals closer than previously. I was always a little cautious about paying money for investing information but knowing the content of this course it is definitely something I needed to learn. We are looking to buy shortly so my due diligence starts now with the assistance of the course.

- Nathan Ning

"Well, I certainly learned a lot..."

I realised I knew a lot less than I thought I did! I will certainly feel more confident in using renovation as a strategy in building my property portfolio, either in a hands-on role as a PM or just as a spectator!

- Brad de Vries

"I loved this course..."

It has made me realise that whilst I have been successful in my renovations to date, a lot of it is pure chance. I now know I need to be more structured in my approach and focus on what I need to do to achieve my property and renovation objectives. I can already see how this course has helped me define my goals and reverse me out of the corner I was invariably backing myself into. It is a calculated, structured, methodical and practical approach to building wealth through property renovation. Jane is very warm and giving of your knowledge and experience.

- Keith Mewes

"Very down to earth, very trustworthy and very believable..."

I loved the content and quality of information in this course and Jane's presentation style... Very down to earth, very trustworthy and very believable.

- Vanessa De Guglielmo

"I have LOVED this course..."

I am very excited to get started with the new information I have learned. I feel like I am starting my renovation journey all over again but this time I am better equipped. I am excited about utilising all the techniques shown for how to select a suburb and property! I feel that once I go through this level of due diligence that I will be confident with any purchase choice that I make.

- Bridie

Want To See Inside The Course?

A lot of people ask me:

"What does it actually look like inside the course itself..."
In this video i take you behind the members area, to show you the videos and resources inside The Ultimate Guide to Renovation!

So How Does It Work?

We’re with you every step of the way

Covering 12 modules with new videos delivered weekly, the course is conveniently paced to align with your purchasing and renovating process.

The Ultimate Guide To Renovation is like a renovation boot camp, the first half of the course covers everything you need to know to find your perfect property while the final half covers the entire renovation process.

Throughout this whole process, your online PRIVATE exclusive, invite-only Facebook community provides a handy channel to voice your questions and get the answers you need, as you need them. It’s like having your own virtual academy.

This structure ensures that, every step of the way, you have the opportunity to apply what you have learned to build your very own investment portfolio. You’ll have access to comprehensive downloads so you can keep track of where you are at all times. Plenty of short videos help you quickly go back and identify exactly what you need to refresh or know– no need to watch an hour just to get that 5 mins you need that covers which brush is best for tile painting.


In 2013 The Ultimate Guide to Renovation underwent a rigorous process of development and testing. This video tells the story creating the most comprehensive renovation course ever seen in Australia.

Behind The Scenes - Making The Ultimate Guide to Renovation

What's Included?

Watch videos online, on any device, anytime

Busy lifestyles demand choice. When you’re juggling kids, work and everything else life throws at you, it ‘s important to have flexibility in your learning. From desktop to notebook to smart phone, you can access and view every video wherever and whenever suits you best.

Get your budget right from the outset

Ensuring you don’t experience a budget blowout is a key factor to your renovation success. It sounds simple but many stumble when it comes to budgeting. Jane takes you through the costings process and provides all the supporting material needed to help you create a realistic budget that outlines exactly how much your renovation will cost.

Real case studies to guide you through

Jane will show you real life case studies and how renovation decisions, applying these same techniques, can turn your project into a profitable sale. By the end of the series, you'll have all the knowledge needed to confidently begin to build your investment portfolio. And you’ll be raring to get started.

Powerful tools to implement

The Ultimate Guide To Renovation is jam-packed with takeaways for renovators - novice and experienced alike. Specific, fine-tuned details are sandwiched between on-location videos where you witness Jane’s renovation strategies put to immediate use. You'll gain a lifetime of renovation knowledge and learn many creative ways to embark on a renovation project that perfectly achieves your goals.

Gain access to an exclusive community

Also included is access to our closed Facebook group to help you with brainstorming. This is an amazing place to air your renovation frustrations and to find answers to all those questions that arise as you start this exciting new stage of your life. If you’re stuck, Jane and her team will be on-hand to answer questions, give suggestions and offer solutions. Jane’s community alone is worth joining the course. You’ll make new connections and meet new friends. This community is your ultimate support.

Scout for the perfect suburb, street & property

Not every suburb is born equal. You may find a great fixer upper but if it isn’t in the right area and even on the right street all your hard work renovating may not translate into a big cash profit. Jane will help you identify the best suburb, the right street and the right property to ensure that even before renovating your property will be ready to turn a big profit.

Project manage tradies like a pro

Managing tradespeople can be a nightmare. Understanding how to successfully deal with tradespeople is critical to your renovation success. Jane eases the burden and guides you through the day to management so you have confidence from day one of your renovation project.

No nasty renovation surprises

Learn the pitfalls and mistakes every renovator should avoid. Jane has your back and will point out all the problems that may arise and how to navigate successfully through any roadblock you may encounter on your renovating journey. You’ll want to thank her later.


As a passionate member of our Renovator Network tribe, you will be invited to 12 group Mentor calls where Jane and her expert team will answer all your pressing questions. As you move through the course, jot down your questions and join the webinar to get immediate answers. It’s just like having your own private coach, on tap.

Everything you need to succeed

If you've ever thought of renovating for profit but never gotten around to it, or thought about it but found the process too daunting, this course is a great fit… as long as you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and start learning the entire process, form start to end.

Gain the confidence
to invest and
renovate your way
to success.

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